WATCH: Tyla and Jess get married in Ted & Rita West's lounge in The Rock's first-ever Westside Wedding

Rock Drive 17/06/2019

What a nice day for a West wedding.

Meet Tyla and Jess. A good ol Rock couple from Whangarei. They first met when they both reached for the same box of pre-mixed bourbon & colas at their local bottle shop.

8 years later, they just got married in Ted & Rita West's lounge.

A couple weeks ago, Jay and Dunc convinced the couple to take the plunge and get married on the radio.

But this wouldn't be your everyday wedding, or like weddings you've heard on other radio stations. Rather than go down the same traditional lovey-dovey path (or isle, in this case), we decided to keep this one closer to home, to make it more enjoyable and special for our bourbon-sipping, black denim-wearing, tattoo-loving audience - and took it out west for a Westside Wedding!

Thanks to the team at Three and Westside, we were able to marry Tyla and Jess in Ted & Rita's iconic living room, with even some of the Westside cast turning up for the ceremony (and enjoying the beersies at the reception afterwards).

We traded the white silky dress for a studded denim one, the flower petals for bottle caps, and upgraded the wedding cake to...well, just watch the video and see.

Congratulations to the happy couple Tyla and Jess Stephenson - no going back now! Have a look at their official wedding photos here.

All new Westside - premieres 8.35pm tonight on Three.

This season, it's 1987 - the year where the West family faces extinction and must choose to either fight or flee. And fleeing, let's face it, is not in their DNA...

If you miss the episodes on TV, you can watch Westside on demand on ThreeNow.

Special thanks to Dr. Martens.