The Rock | What went wrong when you were being healthy?
The Rock | What went wrong when you were being healthy?
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this poor bloke went for a run, ended up having 2 strokes and a heart attack

next time you think of putting on the running shoes for the first time all year, think of Dave.

It's December which means it's time most of us start thinking of getting that summer rig sorted.

But before you dust off those running shoes from the depth of the wardrobe, think of ol' mate Dave.

This week, Jay and Dunc were talking of 'when healthy hurts' after Producer Caleb dislocated his shoulder at the gym (he still turned up to work the same day like the champion he is.)

That was when  Davo called up to tell us about the time he went to clock off a couple kms with a run.

"back in 2009, I went for a run," he started.

"But when I got home that night... I had two strokes and a massive heart attack".

The boys had the same reaction as you're having now, "holy shi- we've got ourselves a winner" said Jay.

Speaking of what came off the back of that, Dave said "ended up with hypoxic brain injury, buggered my vision, buggered my balance, bugged my short-term memory."

"but other than that... sweet as."

Dunc asked Dave's advice for anyone else thinking of putting on the running shoes, to which he simply replied "don't f***ing do it".

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