The Marmite Sicko: Living on the Edge 25
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

The Marmite Sicko: Living on the Edge 25

You keep sending 'em, we'll keep reading 'em.

We’ve reached the 25th edition of Living on the Edge and there are some absolute beauties in this lot. Check them out below.

‘Got my step count up to 9,999 - has a shower, went to bed’

‘Sat down to take a kak after a night out on the turps, realised there were only two sheets of paper left… kept pushing’

‘I use the  dessert spoon when eating soup’

‘The old electric toothbrush keeps flashing for me to charge it, I just push it through without it buzzing’

‘I just got a haircut, slapped on a hat as I walked out the door’ 

‘My son just told me he puts Marmite on his toast first, then the butter, that sickos definitely living on the edge…’  

‘Caught my wife drinking bedtime tea in the middle of the day’ 

‘Painting a wall, on the bucket it says recoat after 2 hours, did it after an hour and a half’ 

‘Just did my dishes with some Morning Fresh dish wash, it’s the afternoon fellas, no fancy label tells me when to do the dishes’ 

Unreal living from you fellas and fellets. Keen for some more? Have a look at past editions below.