Beer with Duncan!
Beer with Duncan!
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Rock Drive

Dunc does a shoey at Rock 2000 Live as the crowd sings "I'd Love To Have a Beer With Duncan"

'Cause Duncan's me mate!

At The Rock 2000 Live at Spark Arena, we made sure everyone had a beer with Dunc.

If you listen to The Rock Drive with Jay and Dunc, you’ll know they wrap up the show everyday with Slim Dusty’s classic ‘Duncan,’ and on the final day of The Rock 2000, it was no different.

Except this time, the boys were on stage at Spark Arena, in front of thousands of you, just before we crowned the #1 song of the countdown.

As soon as the tune started, Jay and Dunc strutted on stage like B1 and B2, and Dunc ripped into a couple tins (in moderation.)

Then Jay whipped his boot off,  and Dunc took a knee and boofed down a shoey. 

And I’ll tell ya what - the atmosphere was great.

Have a watch of the epic moment up top. 

We're sad that The Rock 2000 has wrapped up for 2023, but what a fkn countdown it was! 

After over a million votes from more than 100,000 voters, Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ claimed the #1 spot for the Rock 2000 Countdown - have a read of the re-cap on how they got there here