Buttplug, Test Match and Window Shopper: Nicknames Vol 42
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Buttplug, Test Match and Window Shopper: Nicknames Vol 42

U lil beauty.
19 October 2023 12:44PM

Forty twoooooooooooo.

Nicknames is back for another round of pearlers.

Check out the vid below to hear these beauties:

'My mates nickname is Butt Plug. He fell asleep in the shower and blocked the drain with his ass, flooded the bathroom and half the apartment.'

'I used to work with a fella who would pester everybody for a lift home after every shift. We called him Rust because he's in every bastard's car.'

'There was a guy called Billy in town who always asked for a quid to gamble with. He was commonly known as 'Billy The Quid'.'

'I work with a bloke we call Rex short for Rexona because he's got a bald head, like a deodorant.'

'Had a guy start a new job recently. The guy he replaced left for a better job. He lasted five days and quit and came back demanding his old job back. I re-employed him. Now the boys call him Test Match because he lasted five days.'

'Had a teacher in school who had a really flat, featureless face like he'd been pressed up against the glass. He became known as the window shopper.'

'Used to work with a lad we called the Undertaker, not because he's a big WWE wrestler or anything, just because he smells like death.'

'Company put metres on the vehicles. After the first week the supervisors got the report, and one guy had been doing 20 hours of idling in a week. From that point on, he was known as Billy Idle.'

'We had a lad in school who came in with hair slicked back with hair gel and a leather jacket. He wore it for a whole week, spent the next five years been known as Gelvis.'

Unreal stuff.