Jay and Dunc lose it over these renamed sports
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Jay and Dunc lose it over these renamed sports

Skydiving? How about Controlled Falling.
19 October 2023 2:30PM

Ever watched sport and thought, the name of this thing just doesn't fit what's happening in front of me. I mean what is a 'rugby' anyway?!

Well, we have you covered.

Have a go at these renamed sports and watch Jay and Dunc's reactions below.

'Skydiving should be renamed Controlled Falling.'

'Moto GP should be called Twitchy Bike Brum Brum.'

'AFL should be renamed Aerial Ping Pong.'

'Motorcycle racing should be renamed Road Crayons.'

'Olympic Dressage should be called Horse Dancing.'

'I call Dancing, Arrogant Walking.'

'Judo is just aggressive cuddling.'

'Boxing should be called Face Ouchies.'

'Formula One should be called 'Follow that Dutchman''.

'Javelin should be called YEET.'

And to wrap it all up, field hockey should be called 'poor man's polo.'

Tick it off.

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