Jay & Dunc team up with Hunters Element to release ‘You Little Beau Tee’ shirts for Movember
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Jay & Dunc team up with Hunters Element to release ‘You Little Beau Tee’ shirts for Movember

100% of proceeds go to the Movember Foundation.

You Little Beau Tee!

The boooys Jay and Dunc have been working alongside Hunters Element and Movember to release some epic, limited edition t-shirts again for 2023, with all profits going directly to the Movember Foundation

The original shirt graphic - which was designed by our incredibly talented mate Simon Luxton and was unveiled at The Rock 2000 Live this year - shows Jay and Dunc as caricatures, holding tools,  a smoko energy drink, among other things, with a bunch of Rock-Drive-Esque details sprinkled around. It’s double sided and high-vis print so it’s fully site safe, and looks fkn epic.

Mental health is an extremely important topic for all of us here at The Rock, so the Movember Foundation is close to our hearts and we couldn’t be more stoked to work alongside them for these limited edition tees. 

If you wear one of these shirts, you’ll be a walking, talking billboard for men’s health, just in time for Movember - and we think that’s pretty bloody special. 

Sizes small to 4XL t-shirts are available while stocks last, and international shipping is available. Showboss Tiegs has done some rough calculations for the cost of the tee and shipping for some of our mates across the globe: 

UK/Wales: $45 incl. shipping
Aussie: $75 incl. shipping
South Africa: $1033 incl. shipping

These Beau Tees are selling like hot cakes, go get your mits on one now

Mental health matters. If you, or someone you know is struggling, check out a bunch of helpful links and resources here.