When catching the bus leads to accidental nudity...
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When catching the bus leads to accidental nudity...

"One of the most embarassing things to ever happen to me."

Jay and Dunc's Podcast Group 'Snipers Nightmare' has pulled through with another incredible yarn.

This one's from Owen from Wales, and it's about the time he tried to catch the bus to uni, but accidentally ended up naked instead.

Have a read of the yarn below - 

"Bonjour again from Wales! Bit of a long yarn for you but this has got to be one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me. So years ago when I was a student, I had to catch the bus to uni from a busy road in Cardiff called Albany Road. It was the middle of January and we'd had a heavy frost. I was waiting at the bus stop along with about 30 odd other people freezing my swings off.

Now I don't know if I was hung over, knackered or still pissed from the night before but I'd gone into full coma mode. I was breathing but was not in full control. I remember looking up the road and seeing my bus trundling down in the traffic. I even said to myself 'There's my bus.'

Like a gormless prick, I then proceeded to stare at it like a drunk looking at a kebab as it arrived, let people off, let others on and fuck off down the road leaving me at the bus stop.

I watched it sail away down the road before calling myself every name under the sun for going full potato.

Just when I had resigned myself to wait for the next one, I noticed that it had stopped at the traffic lights about 150 yards away. I had a spark of inspiration.

If I ran, I could make it to the next bus stop and catch the same bus!

I pushed into the crowd and broke into a gallop. Fate had other plans.

My belt loosened, my jeans hurtled to the deck as though being pulled by an angry dwarf and my boxers were along for the ride. Everything in my pockets shot out at all angles and as I stood there like one of those stupid dancing sunflower toys from the 80s trying to pull my slacks up, I watched the lights change and the bus fuck off round the corner.

The spark of inspiration fucked off with the bus along with my intelligence because rather than carry on walking to the next bus stop, I yanked my clothes back on and WENT BACK TO THE SAME FUCKING BUS STOP where every cunt and his dog was laughing hysterically! My dick had shrunk in the cold and my grapes were fighting to hide in my arse crack out of sheer embarrassment.

It only got worse when a woman looked me dead in the eye and said, with a slight smirk on her face, a terrible sentence to say to a young man.

"A bit cold is it?"

That was it. The final straw. I had no misery left to give so looked back and thought fuck it. With no expression I replied.

'It is a bit, but for the record, it's a grower not a show'er'

Turns out though, one of my uni mates was on the bus and had seen my rendition of a Ken doll. By the time I got to uni, the bastard had sung like a canary and it had gone around faster than a cow's arse on laxatives. I still have nightmares.

Love the show and I've got plenty more tales for you! Up the Wahs!"

Love your work, Owen.