'Don't be a dick': Our thoughts on the Manly Sea Eagles jersey saga

The Morning Rumble 28/07/2022

TL;DR - don't be a dick.

We're sure you've heard about the Manly Sea Eagles jersey saga by now. Seven of the team's players are officially not attending the match tonight (28 July) because of the club's decision to wear their pride jersey, with rainbow colours where the white strips usually are. 

The Morning Rumble had a chat this morning about the ordeal, and the importance of showing inclusivity to everyone, no matter what their sexuality is. 

Bryce quoted the Roosters Coach Trent Robinson:

"It is great what the owners of Manly have decided to do and it is unfortunate that it has panned out this way because everyone is equal, no matter what race, gender, sexual preference, everyone is equal.

"We are really looking forward to representing, and talking about even just male suicide and the high rate that it is.

"But in the youth gay community it is five times the level of what normal society is, that is because they don't feel included.

"And for us in 2022 to not be inclusive and not say it is OK to be who you are is unacceptable.

"We need to move towards a better place... I want to say that we are inclusive, we do accept you for who you are and we care about you, and we need to move forward in that way."

Well said, and we couldn't agree more. 

Have a watch of the video up top.

If you, or someone you know is struggling, please remember you are not alone. Check out a bunch of resources to help you here