The Morning Rumble

Eric survived 3 days in the swamp after his arm was bitten-off by an alligator

This yarn is unreal…
19 September 2022 9:02AM

This yarn is unreal…

The Morning Rumble caught up with Eric, a Maddog from Florida who survived for three days in the swamp after his arm was bitten off clean by an alligator. 

Eric was stuck in the middle of a lake, when he found himself face to face with an alligator. He battled with the gator as it dragged him under the water, and snapped off his right arm. 

Eric managed to get himself back to the shore, but was stuck out in the swamp for three days before being rescued.

Thankfully, after a few days, a bloke found him and was able to get an ambulance to Eric. 

“It would’ve been so easy to lay there and die,” Eric said. 

“It’s not ‘what do you have to live for?’ It’s ‘why would you give up?’” 

Bloody inspirational stuff. Check out the yarn up top.

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