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"There's a real chance we lose a rock listener every day": Bryce on NZ suicide stats

"Like, every single day."
27 October 2022 8:42AM

Yesterday (October 26) it was announced that NZ's suicide rate has dropped to 538 in the last year. But that is still 538 too many.

Bryce took a moment to talk about the "healthcare trainwreck" that NZ is going through, in terms of too many kiwis needing or waiting to get help. In fact, allegedly around 200,000 kiwis are in one way or another, on a waiting list. 

"Last night, I got sent a message about a 30 year old listener in Canterbury, who's now dead. He was on suicide watch. But was able to leave unnoticed. He was found just this weekend. He is one of 401 kiwi men. Men make up just under 75% of all numbers of the 538..." Bryce shared. 

"The Rock has more male listeners than any other station in New Zealand. So that means that there's a real high chance we lose a rock listener every single day. Like, every single day."

The fact of the matter is, way too many kiwis can't get the help when they try and go get the help. And that's the problem. 

That's why things like Gumboot Friday really matter. That's why checking on your mates matters. That's why talking about these things matter.

If you or someone you know is struggling, head here for a bunch of links that may help you out. It's never weak to speak.