An update & thank you from Mike King
An update & thank you from Mike King
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Mike King says Rock listeners ‘broke text machine’ with donations after mental health plea

“There is no more loyal listener in the country than The Rock listeners. You are incredible people.”

Today is Gumboot Friday - created by Mike King's I AM HOPE charity to help kiddos get urgent mental health counselling fast. 

Mike stopped by the studio to thank you, The Rock listener, for everything you’ve done this week for the cause as well as for him personally. 

Earlier this week, Mike broke down while talking about the “fucked up” mental health system in New Zealand. It was a really hard chat, but an important one to have. 

"You caught me at a super low time," he told us. "But letting me get that out in a safe environment with just the four of us and the Rock listeners, it's been extraordinary." 

Mike's spirits were a lot higher today, and he thanked The Rock listeners for "carrying him on their shoulders" following all of the noise that you made about raising funds and awareness for this issue. 

Mike said he'd been "contemplating chucking it all in", but felt "reinvigorated" by the response from Kiwis, revealing that over 6,156 donations came through after we aired the emotional interview. The average donation was $58, and that has totalled to $354,000 for Gumboot Friday so far. 

"You guys broke the text machine," he said. “There is no more loyal listener in the country than The Rock listeners. You are incredible people.”

"My wife and I have both genuinely felt the love and it helps get us out of bed and keep going." 

Mike also mentioned "all the messages and emails that have come through from people sharing their stories about how Gumboot Friday saved their kids' lives when the system turned them away at the door". 

"I can't chuck this and none of us can chuck this in - we've just got to keep going." 

It's so bloody heart warming to hear that Mike is going to "keep pushing" and carry on with his mission to get more help to young Kiwis that sorely need it - and we're pretty stoked that we get to be a part of it along with you.

It's not too late to text BOOTS to 469 for an instant $3 donation, or you can donate to Gumboot Friday here. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, head here for a bunch of links that may help you out. You are not alone.