Mike King reveals the "mind-blowing" amount raised for Gumboot Friday
Over $3 million and counting - well done New Zealand.
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WATCH: Mike King reveals the "mind blowing" amount raised for Gumboot Friday

You’ve done well NZ.

Mike King stopped by the studio this morning to reveal the total amount raised for Gumboot Friday - and we’re absolutely blown away. 

Gumboot Friday was on November 4th, and was created by Mike King's I AM HOPE charity to help kiddos get urgent mental health counselling fast. 

Following Mike’s chat with us earlier in the month, where he broke down about NZ’s “fucked up” mental health system, countless Rock listeners rallied behind him to make sure his message was heard. 

You The Rock listener, and the rest of the generous kiwis who donated have raised $3,073,864, with donations still coming in. 

That’s 21,956 free counselling sessions for young kiwis!

“It’s mind blowing,” said Mike. 

Mike and the team at I Am Hope were hoping for two million “in their wildest dreams,” so over 3 million and counting is pretty bloody impressive NZ. 

“I’m incredibly blessed, and incredibly appreciative of The Rock listener,” he said. 

“There is no way in hell we would have got there without you guys. There's just no way.

“There was no momentum. There was, you know, I didn't feel like anything was happening. And, you know, and then we came in here and your guys started it all.”

You’ve done well NZ. 

It’s not too late to donate either. If you’re keen, you can donate here.