Mel's Piano Redemption
Mel's Piano Redemption
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The Morning Rumble

Mel performs The Beatles' 'Let it Be' on piano while Rog takes on lead vocals

Mel nailed it.

Every Friday, we head back to the days of the old school yard where The Morning Rumble members seek redemption...

First up was Bryce, who lied to his 5 year old son saying he used to be able to karate chop wood when he was a school kid. That was an absolute sharn, but Bryce managed to redeem himself by becoming Kung-Fu Casey and succesfully doing the karate chop.

Next was Rog, who joined members of a Barbershop chorus to redeem himself for his school choir days. He performed Billy Joel's 'The Longest Time' and it was pretty bloody good.

Then it was Mulls' turn to redeem himself. He screwed up his highschool basketball finals, so he attempted to redeem himself in a 1V1 against NZ Breaker Sam Timmins. Key word: attempted.

And today was Mel's turn; she performed The Beatle's 'Let it Be,' to redeem herself for the time she missed her piano recital as a kid. She nailed it!

Of course Rog jumped on lead vocals, and Mulls and Bryce even pitched in with backing vocals.

Have a watch up top. 

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