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Rog's wife Lisa finds out he gave her free flowers on Valentine's Day
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The Morning Rumble

The moment Rog's wife Lisa found out he gave her free flowers for Valentine's Day

This was a new low, even for Rog...

This was a new low, even for Rog...

It's Valentine's Day today, so we thought we'd take a look back at Mr Romantic-Roger's previous V day antics. 

Two years ago in 2021, Rog gave his lovely wife Lisa a big bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day.

We know! Very off-brand for the historically tight and cheap Rog. But a little digging uncovered a big, filthy secret...

...that he got the flowers for free from work.

So Bryce called Lisa to make Rog fess up...and yeah, take a guess how she reacted. Have a watch up top. 

No good man. Although, that's not as bad as Listener Matt's mum, who used to steal flowers from a cemetery... Have a watch of that yarn below.