Tummy Rumble in the Jungle
Tummy Rumble in the Jungle
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Raynor Perreau

Ordered Bryce’s children’s book ‘Tummy Rumble in the Jungle’? Here's the details.

It only costs $20 and all proceeds go to Gumboot Friday.

Our very own Bryce Casey from The Morning Rumble has released a children’s book to raise money for I Am Hope’s Gumboot Friday, and we couldn’t be more proud.

The book, titled ‘Tummy Rumble in the Jungle’ features Roger the Rat, Bryce the Beaver, Mel the Magpie and Mully the Moose; four-farting-friends that live in the jungle together. 

The official description of the book reads:

“This is a story about four very good friends, who live in the jungle and have stinky rear ends. They’re loud and they’re funny. They’re even quite smart, and one thing they all love is a really good fart. 

“They might all be different but they know that’s okay because they’ve all got each other at the end of the day.”

If you purchased a copy of 'Tummy Rumble in the Jungle' - thank you so much. We really appreciate the support and we're stoked to continue to support I Am Hope's Gumboot Friday. 

'Tummy Rumble in the Jungle'

Orders will be shipped out early July. 

We are in the process now of getting books made, bound and shipped to us now that pre-orders have closed.

With the goal being to raise as much money as possible for Gumboot Friday, we made the choice to run a pre-order campaign first so that no money was wasted on books that weren't sold.

As a result of that, physical copies of the book won't be ready to send out until July 1st. We may be able to update closer to the time, but at the moment that's our ETA from our supplier.

You will receive a shipping notice and tracking number when we ship the books out.