Tongue to the lung
Tongue to the lung
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The Morning Rumble

Mel's advice for a first date kiss: "get your tongue to the lung"

Mel came in hot with this one-liner.

Disclaimer: Take Mel's advice at your own risk. 

Basically, Producer Ryan's mate is going on a first date at 10pm - which opened up the conversation about first-date-etiquette.

Since Rog, Bryce and Mulls are all happily married, it was up to Mel to give out the advice.

Mel herself doesn't claim to have the best dating advice, and now we can see why. 

A listener sent this text to us, writing: "My friends pay me out, because it came up in conversation that on a first date, I don't use tongue in a first kiss."

To which Mel replied: "Oh no, that's boring.

"Don't be shy, get your tongue to the lung"

We're not really sure there's much more to explain.

Watch the vid up top.

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