Hayley Holt and Bryce open up about child birth journeys, then Rog gets roasted
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

Hayley Holt and Bryce open up about child birth journeys, then Rog gets roasted

An important chat to have, and later on, Hayley roasts Rog.

It was great to have Hayley Holt join us in studio this week, to chat about her new book 'Second Chances: Facing my demons and finding a better me.'

Mulls had a quick read through the book, before his wife and mum took it off him to read it themselves, and noted that a touching part of the book is how open Hayley was about her miscarriage and childbirth journey. 

"It's incredible, like, for you to share that, and for people to know that pain, must've been cathardic for you, but also will be so helpful for people," Mulls said.

Hayley agreed, and mentioned she knows a lot of people in her life who have been through a similar journey, yet it simply isn't talked about.

"I think, it's not taboo, but there's some shame attatched, or. I dunno, people are scared to touch it," she said.

Bryce, who has been through a similar journey, then opened up about how hard it is to speak to others about it, even though it's important.

Bryce and Hayley then discussed how tricky it is to navigate as both a mother and father who have been through a miscarriage, as it's different for both, but also hard for both.

An important an honest discussion - we love it. 

Elsewhere, Rog being Rog, decided to crowbar in some Dancing with the Stars chat, and Hayley absolutely roasted him. 

If you're keen to buy a copy of Hayley's book, you can do that here

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