Portaloo Poolette
Portaloo Poolette
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The Morning Rumble

Watch Bryce get tipped over in a portaloo and covered in faeces in Portaloo Poolette

You hear him talk shit every day, now see him get covered in it.

The headline says it all.

A few weeks ago, our very own Bryce Casey had the bright idea of doing Portaloo Poolette. And this morning, the idea came to fruition. Or should I say, pooition.

Each member of the Morning Rumble, including the poor producers, hopped in a portaloo numbered from one to six. Whatever number was rolled on the dice would determine who was pushed over in the portaloo... and it just so happened to be number three - the portaloo Bryce was in. How good.

To add shit to the fire, after Bryce was tipped over and covered in faeces, we also dumped a bag of horse manure on him just to really top it all off. 

Have a watch of the video up top. It's not every day you get to see Bryce covered in shit! 

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