What's in the box? Bryce's turn
What's in the box? Bryce's turn
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The Morning Rumble

Bryce drops an F bomb live on-air after putting his hand in a box full of mouse traps

"It's throbbing."

This morning was Bryce's turn for 'What's In The Box?' - and it was the worst one yet.

The segment is pretty self-explanatory... It involves a clear box, a blind-folded Rumble announcer, and something inside the box that said announcer needs to touch and figure out what it could be. 

We kicked it off with Mulls touching a bearded dragon...

Followed by Mel, who had to touch the bearded dragon's food (worms)...

For Bryce's turn, we decided to treat him to a box full of mouse traps. Have a watch of how it went up top. 

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