Mulls Tow Job and Tuba Treatment
Mulls Tow Job and Tuba Treatment
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The Morning Rumble

Bryce stitches Mulls up by towing his car and giving him the fat-tuba music treatment again

A double-whammy of a stitch up.

Nothing beats a double-whammy of a stitch up.

Flynny from More FM has been parking in Bryce's allocated carpark at work, and Mulls was under the impression that Bryce had organised for Flynny's car to be towed.

To his credit, Bryce did tow Flynny's car... straight into Mulls'  carpark. Which meant it only made sense to then tow Mulls' car. Straight back to Wellington where it came from.

Mulls obviously wasn't impressed with this, but just to add salt to the wound, Bryce then launched phase two of the stitch up.

We enlisted the help of our mate Alex who plays the tuba, to follow Mulls around for the morning, playing fat tuba music everywhere he went. 

Sucked in, Mulls. 

Have a watch of the vid up top. 

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