‘Hold me to account’: Christopher Luxon says he's actually giving $5million to Gumboot Friday
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

‘Hold me to account’: Christopher Luxon says he's actually giving $5million to Gumboot Friday

Christopher Luxon assured us he'd committed to giving $5million to Gumboot Friday.

Whenever a politician makes their way to The Rock, we make a point to ask how they’ll support the state of mental health in New Zealand. We’ve had a lot of answers over the years, but this is the first time a politician has told us to personally hold them accountable. 

Luxon joined The Morning Rumble this week, and Bryce made sure to check that PM Elect was still committed to funding Gumboot Friday, which he had previously told us he would.

When Bryce posed the question, Luxon replied, “money’s going there, my friend… [we will fund] what we committed to at the time” - to which Bryce pointed out was $5 million.

“Yep, no problem,” said Luxon. 

The PM Elect revealed he’s already been in contact with I Am Hope’s Mike King, saying:

“I’ve already spoken to Mike, and know many of the board members there. I mean, 19,000 counselling sessions, 12,000 people, two and $2.5 million is what they did that for.

“[The] government spent $1.9 billion. It didn’t get out of Wellington I suspect, and didn’t deliver any outcomes. So, we’ve got to power those up and that’s exactly what we’re going to do - get the money out, send it to those guys, get the results, keep them moving.”

Luxon then told Bryce personally, “I look forward to coming and seeing you Bryce and actually telling you it's done,” later adding, “you’ll hold me to account if I don’t.”

Elsewhere in the chat, The Rumble asked Luxon if he’s ever done a burnout, or ever would. 

Luxon said he’s never done one, but revealed that he would like to. Naturally, Bryce asked if he would actually do it, on-air here at The Rock. 

“Yeah I’d love to - let’s give it a go,” Luxon replied. How good.

There you go - two things that we will definitely hold Luxon accountable for - doing a burnout, and more importantly, committing to support Gumboot Friday.

Check out the full chat with Luxon below.