Patrick Gower named as captain for Blair Vining XV squad
Look at him, he is the captain now.
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The Morning Rumble

Paddy Gower takes over Bryce as captain of the Blair Vining XV

Look at him, he is the captain now.

This is the f**king captain of the Blair Vining XV, the one and only Patrick Gower.

If you didn't know, three years ago Bryce captained the Blair Vining XV squad at Pack The Park 2020, a rugby match to raise funds for Southland Charity Hospital set up by Melissa Vining, wife of the late great rugby legend, Blair Vining.

Fast forward to 2023, and ol' Brycey boy can't make the match (too old, we reckon) - so he was on the look to find a new captain to replace him for the upcoming Pack The Park match on 27 Jan 2024.

After a week long of asking potential replacements like Kieran Read and Jamie Whoppa Mackintosh (who all turned it down), Bryce turned to the biggest weapon in the country - Patrick motherfucking Gower - who will step up to the plate and burden the responsibility of captaining the 2024 squad.

Gower joined the Rumble in studio to talk about the game, his strategy and also his reason why he wants to support Southland Charity Hospital, after losing a close mate to cancer only earlier this year.

Give the vid a watch and make sure you get along to the game if you can! Should be a ripper.