WATCH: Someone has made Metallica's '...And Justice for All' into 8 bit audio

Vids 26/04/2022

If you grew up on Nintendo and Metallica... this will be a bitta you.

A YouTube user has created Metallica's full '...And Justice for All' album into 8 bit audio and shit it feels nostalgic.

The creator, Ian D, has done a great job at really making the songs sound like you're playing a classic video game on your Gameboy in the '80s.

Check out the video up top, and the timestamps of each song below:

00:00:00 1-Blackened
00:06:29 1.5-DUMB BABBELING
00:08:12 2-…And Justice For All
00:17:57 3-Eye Of The Beholder
00:24:14 4-One
00:31:22 5-The Shortest Straw
00:38:05 6-Harvester Of Sorrow
00:43:46 7-The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
00:51:18 8-To Live Is To Die
01:00:59 9-Dyers Eve