WATCH: Natalie Dormer and Emily Ratajkowski get so naked in new thriller, critics are offended

Really struggling to see a problem here....
12 July 2018 1:53PM

In Darkness, a new thriller starring two of the sexiest ladies of 2018, Game of Thrones babe Natalie Dormer and supermodel Emily Ratjowski has recevied complaints from critics, because apparently the hotties are naked too much. 


Just wut. 

The film follows Dormer's character, a beautiful blind woman, and Ratjowski who lives in Dormer's apartment block. Ratjowski is suddenly thrown off the roof in a suspected murder.

Then the thriller (and gratuitous nudity) ensues. 

Dormer actually co-wrote the script and has defended the beejezus out of it.

Telling The Guardian: "There has to be sexuality in the power play of a thriller. We have all got bodies, after all. In this film the sex scene, which for me was a love-making scene, is a metaphor for the way my character connects with the part played by [fellow Game of Thrones actor] Ed Skrein... Nakedness is a good equalizer and the shower scene also shows the tattoos on my character’s body and makes it clear she is not quite who you think."

If you wanna get nuddy Natalie, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You do you. 

Check out the trailer above or you can actually download the full film on iTunes now.