See the 'Highway to Hell' album cover AC/DC's record label rejected

The US record label got it wrong...
7 August 2019 7:36AM

The artwork on AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' album is one of the most iconic and easily recognisable in rock, but it was actually meant to feature a lot more flame.

The band shared what they wanted the album to look like in a recent social media post, before the artwork was "shot down in flames" by Atlantic Records.

Have you seen this cover before? There's a chance you have, as it was released in Australia in 1979. While it featured the same photo of AC/DC on the widely-released version, rejected version has a fiery inferno laid over the band and bass neck with 'Highway to Hell' album title.

Basically, it's much more badass in every way. 

AC/DC have been celebrating 'Highway to Hell's' 40th anniversary this month, sharing rare performances of the title track and 'Whole lotta Rosie'.