Tool: Full 'Fear Inoculum' tracklist, song and pre-order details revealed

15 August 2019 7:01AM

Tool have officially revealed the full track listing for their hugely anticipated fifth studio album, 'Fear Inoculum.'

The physical album (with HD screen, speakers and 36 page book) will have seven tracks, while digital and streaming versions will feature 10 - three of which are expected to be transitions.

The album's title track 'Fear Inoculum' opens the album, followed by 'Pneuma,' a song that's rumored to be reminiscent of 'Lateralus.'

'Litanie contre la Peur' is a transitional song before fourth track 'Invincible,' the second song Tool debuted live two months ago.

The fifth track, 'Legion Inoculant,' is also a transitional piece between “Invincible” and 'Descending,' a song Tool have been teasing live for almost four years.

The seventh track is 'Culling Voices' and it precedes a giant drum feast called 'Chocolate Chip Trip.'

The ninth track is set to be a final full-length piece. Called “7empest,” this song is reported to be roughly 20 minutes long and packed with heavy guitar and bass riffs.

“Mockingbeat” closes the album.

Tool’s Fear Inoculum will be released 30 August. You can pre-order the album here

Fear Inoculum Track List


1. Fear Inoculum
2. Pneuma
3. Invincible
4. Descending
5. Culling Voices
6. Chocolate Chip Trip
7. 7empest


1) Fear Inoculum
2) Pneuma
3) Litanie contre la Peur
4) Invincible
5) Legion Inoculant
6) Descending
7) Culling Voices
8) Chocolate Chip Trip
9) 7empest
10) Mockingbeat