Tool's full back catalogue is now available on all digital & streaming services

What a day for Tool fans!
2 August 2019 4:43PM

The only thing as good as a new Tool album has just happened.

The band's full back catalouge is now available on all digital and streaming services. You have a month to bing in their full discography as you wait for the long-awaited new album Fear Inoculum

You can now listen to them on the whatever you use to streaming music here.

Tool have been one of the longest-standing artists to refuse to sell their music to streaming and digital services such as Apple Music and Spotify, but they've finally given in, just weeks ahead of the new album.

Fear Inoculum was officially announced earlier this week and is expected to be out 30 August. 13 years after their last release, 10,000 days.

Stream your brains out, Tool fans.