KFC took note of our Westside Wedding and now you can tie the knot eating fried chicken

We did it first, just saying...
11 September 2019 6:32PM

KFC clearly liked what we did with our Westside Wedding because they've just announced they're moving into the wedding biz.

Back in June we married Tyla and Jess on the set of Westside, and at the ceremony we replace the cake with a glorious mound of fried chicken topped with gravy. 

Now, KFC has announced they're giving lucky couples the chance  "offer one another a wing" with a KFC-themed ceremony. Unfortunately, it's currently limited to Australia. 

By filling out the form on the KFC website and explaining why you deserve the "ultimate KFC wedding", you could win a wedding package which includes catering by the KFC food truck, a KFC-themed celebrant, a  KFC photo booth and your own custom buckets.

The prize package is reportedly valued at AU$35,000 - probably a fraction of what you can end up spending on your own big day.