WATCH: Epic footage of All Black's scorching RWC try released online

It's AB's brilliance like you've never seen it before.
24 September 2019 11:31AM

Cannon Japan have released some epic unseen footage of an All Black's try in their Rugby World Cup opener against the Sprinkboks on Satuday.

The video, shot using multiple high-resolution cameras, uses a system called 'Free Viewpoint Video' to give us never before seen covereage of George Bridge's try. Check out the great footage and even better play from the AB's below.

"You can freely set the viewpoint, such as reproducing the scene that the player on the pitch was watching or viewing the same scene from various angles," Canon says.

"Furthermore, it is now possible to manipulate the viewpoint and time as desired, such as changing the viewpoint freely while making the video in slow motion."

Always good to see the All Blacks carve up the defence from a new point of view.