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Pornhub release their 2019 Year In Review - revealing what all you dirty buggers are looking up

Let's just say there is a lot of content on that particular website.
16 December 2019 11:04AM

Pornhub? Never heard of it....

Let's not beat around the bush. Pornhub is one of, if not, the biggest websites on the internet. And we know you know about it.

We def know that Jim knows about it:

The porn giant have released their annual Year In Review, where they share their website insights and let the world know exactly what you're looking up.

Because we're GCs and never shy of hard work, we read through the insights (and the insights only) to give you guys the most mind blowing stats we could find.

Have a read below.

42 billion visits were made to the site this year.

That's up from 33.6 billion in 2018.

115 million visits to the site per day, and 80,032 per minute.

To put that into perspective - that's 24 times the entire population of New Zealand visiting the 'Hub every day.

39 billion searches were entered (77,861 per minute)

You are not alone in the search bar.

6.83 million HOURS of video content were uploaded in 2019.

That's 169 years of content to watch. If you started watching 2019's new videos in 1850, you would still be watching them today.

We'll let this infographic take care of the rest.

They broke it down to minute stats:

Pornhub's Top Searches for 2019

This is where it gets interesting. 'Amateur' takes the top spot (not that surprising) but 'Aliens' came in second place. Fuckin' Storm Area 51 really got the people horned up.

Belle Delphine is an online personality who rose to Instagram fame for her cosplay modeling selling her bathwater online. Yep.

Most Searched For Terms of 2019

Japanese, hentai and lesbian were the most searched for terms this year.

Similar results were reflected in the most viewed categories.

Most Searched for Female Pornstars

Up 3 spots from last year, Lana Rhoades was the most searched for female pornstar, placing ahead of Mia Khalifa and Riley Reid for top honours.

Most Searched for Male Pornstars

Hey, it wasn't only the females that were getting some search heat. Here are the fellas that were most looked up in 2019.

Most Searched for Celebrities

The previously mentioned Belle Delphine was the most searched for celebrity, followed by Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and whole lot more pop and hip hop artists.

Most Searched Movie and TV Characters

Fictional characters were in high commodity too. With blockbuster movies like Avengers and Joker released this year, these were reflected in porn searches.

I mean, have a look at this graphic showing when the Joker movie was released, and how a massive spike in Joker searches appeared after the movie's cinematic release.

Similarly, every year on May The 4th aka Star Wars Day, there is a massive spike in Star Wars searches.

Look, there's a million more insights that we could share with you all - like how the most popular time and day to watch porn is Sunday at 11pm, and the least popular time and day is Monday 5am. But you can head on over to Pornhub Insights to read more for yourself.

Maybe just don't do it on a work computer.