What 'Enter Sandman' would sound like if it were recorded on '...And Justice For All'

Enter Sandman, in all Metallica's earlier thrasher glory.
16 December 2019 1:30PM

This is another one of those fantastic "what if?" videos that takes elements of two iconic songs to make a brand new sound.

Some times it work, and some times it doesn't - but we're not unhappy with the results of this one.

Youtuber State Of Mercury has taken Metallica's 1991 smash hit, Enter Sandman, and re-recorded it as if it were written and recorded during the band's earlier progressive thrash phase during 1988's "...And Justice For All".

The results are pretty interesting! Have a listen to the above and let us know your thoughts.

If you like the above, he's done the same thing for Welcome Home (Sanitarium) was on '...And Justice For All' too. Check it below.