Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers perform with John Frusciante for first time in 12 years

The band performed at a memorial organised by the Tony Hawk Foundation.
10 February 2020 8:03AM

Footage has surfaced of Red Hot Chili Peppers performing with their new/old guitarist John Frusciante - the first time in 12 years, after he left the band in 2008.

Just before Christmas last year, the band announced that Frusciante was rejoining the Chilis, replacing Josh Klinghoffer in the line up - a real Christmas prezzie for old school and die hard RHCP fans.

The footage - which was taken at a memorial for Andrew Burkle, the son of billioniare venture capitalist Ron Burkle. The memorial was organised by the Tony Hawk Foundation - an organisation set up by the famous pro skater himself to make skate parks available to today's youth. The Burkle family were heavily involved in keeping the foundation going.

Hawk took to Instagram to pay tribute to Burkle, and also uploaded a couple videos of RHCP performing (swipe right to see).

Hawk also posted a longer video of Frusciante performing with RHCP to Twitter, adding: