WATCH: Over 250 Linkin Park fans perform ’In The End’ from quarantine

Definitely worth a watch!
7 July 2020 10:18AM

How epic is this?

Over 250 Linkin Park fans from 36 countries have come together to play a cover of ‘In The End’ from quarantine, and has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

The video was made by YouTube channel RocknMob, a channel that gets together a load of people who then perform mass performances of famous rock tunes.

“This period 266 musicians, 35 states and nearly every continent (except Antarctica — that is a pity!) United to do among Linkin Park’s trademark tunes,’At the End’. Each of the musicians listed over 300 videos throughout quarantine within their nations to assist us organise the first ever global rocknmob!” 

Earlier this week the official music video of “In the End” reached over 1 billion views on Youtube which you can read more about HERE

Looks like people can't get enough of Linkin Park at the moment! 🤘