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Woman farts in gym class, causes a person to vomit and gym to be evacuated

The gym was evacuated over fears of a sewage leak.
24 May 2021 1:24PM

A woman has shared the story of the time that she farted in a gym class, causing one person to vomit and the gym to be evacuated due to the smell.

Maxime van den Dijssel had spent the night before drinking booze and eating kebabs at 4am, and decided to work out the next day at a spin class.

After letting some gas out during the class, someone else in the class spewed, and the gym was evacuated over fears of a sewage leak.

At the time, Dijssel was obviously too embarassed to tell anyone it was her. But now, 8 years after the incident, she's shared the story to her 158,000 TikTok follwers.

A TikTok user commented asking, "How was it so bad?", to which Dijsell responded,

"I think the combination of alcohol, high protein diet, kebabs and a sweaty small spin class. Just exacerbated it all 😂😂"

The TikTok has been viewed 2.5 million times now, and has prompted other users to comment their own grim stories.

One user commented, "I farted and the smell woke my husband out of a dead sleep. He sat straight up and said the dog definitely sh*t somewhere and we gotta find it."

Another commented, "I'm a nanny and one time I farted and it smelled so bad that it made my kids cry."

Check out the TikTok below, and read the rest of the comments for a laugh.