A collection of Roger Farrelly's best, worst and funniest moments from the last 12 months

Sit back, relax, and laugh your arse off at the best goddamn disc jockey this country has ever seen.

It's Roger Desmond Farrelly's birthday today, and we thought it would only be fitting to celebrate the Big Dog's day of birth by looking back and putting together a list of his best, worst and funniest moments from the last 12 months.

Honestly, there are so many clips that we could include here but we had to keep the list somewhat short. So sit back, enjoy, crack open your finest cask wine and have a drink for the radio goat.


When Rog confessed to dressing up as a fireman in the bedroom to spice things up, so he wore the costume to work

When we spent two weeks trying to find Rog a hobby, but we realised even basic tasks - like putting on pants - was too challenging for him.

Also, when he gave pottery a crack and then this happened with Mulls...

Maybe his best moment - when he rode a horse into work:

When Rog and Dunc swapped shows, and Rog failed miserably at setting off the Friday Foghorn

When Rog wrote a Shihad cover in 15 minutes, and performed it as Ron Nogood (actually impressive)

When he gave Jacinda a piece of his mind (without making eye contact)

Maybe the greatest video of all - when he got absolutely ignored and hung up by Roger Tuivasa Sheck:

And who can forget the lockdown TikToks?

And another...

And another...

Like we said, there are too many to list on one page. And we haven't even got into his bloopers (new one coming out soon, too). Click here if you want more Rog content, hit up The Morning Rumble's show page  or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Or get more x-rated Rog on The Morning Rumble podcast, with some exclusive (and grim) podcast intros - like these below #SpaceWank.

Cheers, and happy birthday Rog - you are legitimately a kiwi legend.