James Hetfield phones fan to congratulate her on giving birth at Metallica gig

Joice's son arrived on Saturday (May 7) to the thunderous sounds of 'Enter Sandman'.
13 May 2022 6:52AM

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James Hetfield phoned a fan to congratulate her after she gave birth at a Metallica concert over the weekend.

Metallica fan Joice M Figueiró, who was 39 weeks pregnant, didn't make it to the hospital and her son arrived into the world in the stadium's medical area at 11.15pm on Saturday (May 7) to the thunderous sounds of 'Enter Sandman'.

Just recently, The Metallica frontman called Joice and her husband Jaime to wish them the best after welcoming their baby into the world in the most epic way.

In a clip shared by the couple on Instagram, he can be heard saying: "This is James from Metallica. Congratulations, you guys."

Joice told her followers that he stayed on the phone for seven minutes to chat to the new parents.

She added: "I have no more words."

Joice and Jaime named their baby Luan Figueiró, but didn't rule out "some homage" to the band as his middle name.

However, she outright dismissed the idea of naming him 'Sandman', and added: "Remember, this is the name he’ll carry throughout his whole life. He’ll get bullied with the name ‘Sandman.’ He already has enough of a story to tell.”

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