Netflix's 'Drive To Survive' renewed for another two seasons

The drama of Formula One racing will continue to be documented for our enjoyment
6 May 2022 11:33AM

Netflix's hit documentary show 'Drive to Survive', chronicling the yearly Formula 1 circuit has been confirmed for another two seasons, Formula 1 announced on their Twitter this morning (NZT). 

This decision was really a no-brainer for the streaming service as the show has proven hugely popular, benefitting both Netflix and Formula 1. 

Hey Formula 1, how about a race at Hampton Downs or through the streets of Palmerston North? That would truly test the fastest drivers in the world. 

Next season the show will not feature any interviews with reigning world champion Max Verstappen after he declined to participate due to the show 'faking rivalries' and adding drama that, Verstappen believes, does not really exist. 

For sure there's some creative freedom in play in some aspects of the show, but come on Max, you can't tell me Toto Wolff and Christian Horner don't wanna sort it out in the KFC carpark after the race. 

The Wolff himself said he struggled to watch the show, revealing that the show "put scenes together that didn't happen"

Made up beef or not, I will definitely be forcing the Mrs to watch the next season with me.