Woman gives birth at Metallica concert during 'Enter Sandman'

This is surely the most wholesome metal news you’ll hear this week.

This is surely the most wholesome metal news you’ll hear this week. 

A healthy baby boy was born at a Metallica concert in Brazil on Saturday (May 7).

Metallica fan Joice M Figueiró was 39 weeks pregnant when attending the Metallica gig at Estádio Couto Pereira, and began to feel contractions during the third to last song of the set.

As reported by Loudwire, this would mean the contractions began around the same time as Metallica's encore song "Battery."

According to Joice’s Instagram stories, which were shared by Metallica,  “when Metallica started the contractions, everything [went] very fast.

“When [there were] about 3 songs left, Jaime called the firemen.”

But the baby was adamant on being born in the same room as Metallica.

When the medics arrived, it was too late to rush Joice off to the hospital as the baby was on the verge of arrival, meaning the delivery had to be carried out at the venue.

At 11:15PM, Baby Luan was born while Metallica performed ‘Enter Sandman’ - helluva way to enter the world!  

Understandably, Joice says “everyone was surprised at what was happening.”

Joice ended her Instagram story saying she is “great physically”, but “still trying to understand how this happened.”

Here’s to a long life of rocking, baby Luan!