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reddit user who knows nothing about Tool, answers questions about Tool

His answers are so wrong, but pretty funny.
30 June 2022 11:00AM

A reddit user who knows nothing about Tool has got other users to ask him questions about the band, and his answers are so wrong but pretty funny.

User LJ_Fin posed the question on a Tool Subreddit, writing:

The Subreddit, which has 159K members, quickly garnered a bunch of questions, and people are loving LJ_Fin's totally-wrong answers.

One person wrote, "How do you like prison sex?", referencing the band's 1993 tune.

"somewhere that's off in a corner with a little privacy but isn't too cramped," LJ_Fin replied. 

Another user referenced the lyrics of Tool's song Schism, asking "do the pieces fit?"

To which LJ_Fin replied, "the band is called Tool so I assume they know about engineering."

Have a look at more of our favourite answers below, or have a scroll through the Subreddit thread for yourself.