WATCH: Tom Morello accidentally tackled off stage by security guard at concert

"What just happened?!"
25 July 2022 8:11AM

This security guard didn't know his enemy...

Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello was accidentally tackled by a security guard at the band's show in Toronto over the weekend.

The band were playing their iconic closing track 'Killing In The Name,' at their 'Public Service Announcement' North American Tour, when suddenly a fan boosted onto the stage. 

Fan-captured-footage shows a security guard swiftly ran towards the fan as soon as he got on stage. Unforunately, Morello got caught in the crossfire and was tackled off stage by the guard. 

It took a few seconds for frontman Zack de la Rocha to notice what was going on, but as soon as he did, he halted the show saying, "Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!"

After a couple more seconds, Morello bounced back up onto the speakers at the front of the stage, hyping the crowd up. 

Everything happened so quickly, when Morello returned to stage he asked "What just happened?"

De la Rocha then offered a warning to the crowd incase any other fans were thinking of pulling another fast one. 

"Do not try that shit. I’m sorry. We’re cool. We love y’all, but don’t do that," he said. 

Then the band ripped straight back into the tune. 

Rage have had a bumpy start to their reuinion tour, which is their first tour in 11 years.

A couple of weeks ago, de la Rocha injured his leg during the show and has had to sit down at his subseqent shows. 

The injury hasn't stopped the band from putting on some epic shows, though.