There’s a Kids' USA Mullet Championship and these young guns have some glorious lids

The 'Murica Mullet has the next generation looking promising
1 August 2022 2:39PM

The mullet is undoubtedly back in New Zealand, and it might just be making the return to the US of A as the next generation is competing for the best kids’ mullet in the land of the free. 

The USA Mullet Championships shared a FB post for the twenty-five young ‘ins with the best mullet and the submissions are absolutely incredible viewing. 

It’s good to see the next generation has a great head of hair on their shoulders.

One of the finalists, Emmit Bailey, is known as ‘Mullet Boy’ in his hometown of Menomonie, Wisconsin, and he even got to throw the first pitch for the town’s baseball team, the Eau Claire Express. 

He told the local news station, WEAU, he’d been growing the bad boy out for a couple of years, so he’s been waiting a little while to show it off. 

“Last year my parents found out about [the competition], but it already started, so then we did it this year,” the eight-year-old said.

The winner of the kid's Mullet Championship will take home $2,500 and Mullet Boy knows exactly where the prize money would go. 

“Buy a go-cart,” he said.

The USA Mullet Championship provides a riveting read about the history of the business-in-the-back-party-in-the-front style on their website.

They started the competition back in 2020 when everyone had to go through home haircuts when barbers were shut down due to Covid. 

“With hair salons being closed for multiple months in the first half of 2020, many people took on the dreaded task of facing down a home-brewed haircut,” their site reads.

“For some this manifested in a mullet style: either out of appreciation for the cut, or, perhaps, out of necessity.”

“Get the hair off your face without worrying about trimming the back of your head where you can’t see.” 

We love a good mullet here at The Rock, and we can not wait to see which kid takes home the mullet crown this year.