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WATCH: Someone’s hilariously dubbed over Puddle of Mudd’s ‘About a Girl’ cover

Watch 'About to Hurl' here.

Remember when Puddle of Mudd was bold enough to cover Nirvana’s ‘About a Girl’ and it absolutely sucked?

If you’ve forgotten, allow us to re-jog your memory. Watch it below at your own risk. 

Not good, right?

The cover went viral back in 2020, with frontman Wes Scantlin being absolutely ripped to shreds in the comments. 

YouTube comments.
YouTube comments.

Plus, even Scantlin himself admitted at the end of last year that the cover “looked and sounded like total shit,” due to him being overtired on the day.

We’ve stumbled across a YouTube video that has dubbed different audio over the cover, to make the song ‘About to Hurl.’ The concept of bad-dubbing isn’t new, and in fact, this video was posted two years ago, but it’s still pretty bloody entertaining. 

Check it out above.

Before you think we’re ripping into the band too much, it’s important to note that Puddle of Mudd have actually done a decent cover of the song previously.

Fan-shot-footage on YouTube shows the band performing the song on stage back in 2005, and it actually sounds decent. Check it out below.