This bloke's mate got an entire Air NZ flight in on his stag do surprise - including the pilot
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Funny Shit

This bloke's mate got an entire Air NZ flight in on his stag do surprise - including the pilot

Incredible mahi from the mate who planned and executed this.

A lad who planned his mate's stag do has pulled off the commendable and miraculous feat of keeping the party's location a secret from the groom-to-be. 

Somehow, Chief Boot Knockah on TikTok managed to get the future husband through an airport blindfolded AND have Air New Zealand staff in on the bit. 

Not even the plane’s pilot would reveal where the boys were headed - Melbourne. Instead, the stag was left in total disbelief by the pre-takeoff announcement.

“I usually would say where we’re going,” the pilot announced. “However, we have one gentleman onboard who’s on a stag do.”

“He’s managed to get all the way through the airport and on board the aircraft and I believe he has no idea where he’s going.”

“So, if you wanna make sure you’re on the right aircraft just check with someone beside you and if they’re going to the same place. Hopefully, we’re all on the right aircraft.”

In the comments, the mastermind revealed how the whole plot played out. 

The groom-to-be had no idea he would even be travelling. His fiance packed the luggage the night before and his dad told him to go pick a relative up from the airport. 

Outside the airport, ol’ mate got the blindfold put on him and his phone taken off him by his scheming friend. 

Then, the airline crew snuck the fellas onto the plane before all the other passengers. 

To top things off, the blindfolded bloke got the prestigious role of handing out the lollies before the end of the flight. 


Commenters are obviously loving it. 

“The pilot playing along is fantastic,” one person wrote. 

“This is very New Zealand energy,” said another. 

Air NZ even commented, saying: “Glad we could help”. 

Honestly, this is a pretty high bar to set for any future stag do these fellas get involved with. Great mahi.