Aussie bloke loses his eye after being hit with a potato while he was on an e-scooter
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Aussie bloke loses his eye after being hit with a potato while he was on an e-scooter

“This so-called ‘fun’ has ended in tragedy."

Some poor Australian bloke had to get his eye surgically removed after a potato was shot at him by two drongos in a car. 

Reportedly, the 28-year-old was just e-scootering near a place called Mettams Pool in Perth with a mate when he was hit by the potato. As well as having to lose an eye, he also suffered serious facial injuries and fractured his arm. 

The two spud-spewing nitwits, aged 19 and 20, in the car have been charged with grievous bodily harm and committing acts likely to endanger the life, health or safety of any person. 

The 19-year-old was also charged with possessing a prohibited weapon while the 20-year-old was hit with three counts of common assault. 

Brett Baddock, the Mirrabooka District Crime Inspector, reckons that the gronks in the car hit the road planning to throw the potato at someone, but not any one person in particular.

“It would appear those involved thought it would be fun to use potatoes as projectiles aimed at people minding their own business and enjoying our coast strip,” he said, as reported by WAToday.

“This so-called ‘fun’ has ended in tragedy, with the victim losing one eye.”

“Mirrabooka Detectives pursued this investigation relentlessly and there are very serious consequences associated with the charges that have resulted from this investigation.”

“Detectives will not stop until they have found all those responsible.”

Honestly, e-scootering is an underrated, possibly even shunned societal activity. Anyone I’ve ever seen riding one of them in public has this slightly embarrassed yet joyful smile on their face as they hoon past me. 

The fact that someone had their e-scootering experience end up with losing an eye because two grubs thought it would be funny to biff a potato at them sucks. Let people have fun without injuring them, it's pretty simple.