Young kid absolutely kills ‘Master of Puppets’ cover and Metallica gets amongst it
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Young kid absolutely kills ‘Master of Puppets’ cover and Metallica gets amongst it

Not baaad kiddo.

A kid busking on the street nailing ‘Master of Puppets’ has drawn the attention and praise of the legendary band themselves.

@Fixer17d posted it to their TikTok account last week with the caption:

“Out in Cardiff and saw a kid plug in his #paulgilbert signature and thought I’d stick around. Did not expect to stay there with my jaw on the floor while he hammered out Master of Puppets flawlessly!”. 

Imagine just going out for a walk one day and then stumbling across a little ankle-biter nailing one of the greatest guitar moments of all time. 

Metallica themselves commented on the TikTok, simply putting down a couple of sign of the horns emojis, a universal symbol for ‘rock on brother’. 

metallica comment

The little rockstar’s auntie replied to Metallica’s comment saying she’ll make sure to show the kid the praise from them. So that little ankle-biter is sitting somewhere pretty bloody stoked with himself, as he should be. 

Other TikTokers commenting on the clip couldn’t comprehend the kid’s competence on the guitar, leading them to question their own guitar-playing pursuits. 

“Bro I am quitting guitar,” wrote one person. 

“That’s it… I’m dumping playing guitar,” said one more. 

People were also saying that it gives them hope to see the next generation embracing Metallica and the genre they ushered into the mainstream. 

“Kids into hard rock/metal makes me so happy,” commented a Tiktoker. 

“More metal in public please, nicely done kid, impressive,” one more wrote. 

“This is why I want our kids to have music lessons,” another commented while tagging their partner. 

2022 has been a big year for Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ -it blew up again thanks to ‘Stranger Things’ and came in at number two on our Rock 2000 countdown, and now this cover of it by a long-haired kid busking has people talking about the 1986 tune yet again.