The Killers announce a surprise intimate show for ‘superfans’ at Auckland Town Hall
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The Killers announce a surprise intimate show for ‘superfans’ at Auckland Town Hall

Let us be the Somebody that Told you.

The Killers are coming to Auckland next week for a show at Spark Arena, but they’ve also just announced another, smaller show for their super fans and we had no idea this was coming. 

After their Spark Arena show, the super fan show will take place on Monday night at the Auckland Town Hall, a much smaller venue that’ll make for a very intimate show. 

We wish we could say we had this in our back pocket but the American band kept us in the dark on this one. Luckily for any Killers fans out there, you can get your tickets here thanks to The Rock

Singing along to ‘Mr Brightside’ always goes off in a pub or at karaoke, so seeing it played live by the men themselves up close might just be a life-altering experience. 

It’s the first time The Killers have been in New Zealand in four years. In 2018 they performed in Auckland. 

One review said the show “bought Las Vegas to Auckland” and called it “blindingly beautiful”. 

That sounds a treat.

It's easy to see the broad appeal The Killers have when you look at the age range of their fans.

At a show in Manchester, the band stopped playing after an older geezer by the name of Billy injured himself after being dropped during a bit of crowd surfing.

Lead singer Brendan Flowers jumped off stage to the front of the mosh pit where the now-bleeding Billy was receiving medical attention. 

The ‘When We Were Young,’ singer asked Billy why he did it, to which Billy simply replied:

“I’m enjoying meself”.

That’s ‘The Killer’ spirit from Billy!

If you’re keen to get tickets to either show, check out the link below and treat yourself, just maybe hold fire on the crowd surfing.