'The dedication': UFC Fighter cuts off her dreads  to make weight
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'The dedication': UFC Fighter cuts off her dreads to make weight

She was a hair over the weight limit.

A UFC fighter put the scissors to her hair in order to make weight for her fight.

Shanna Young, fighting in the flyweight division, originally weighed in for her fight against Miranda Maverick a pound over the 126lb limit. She managed to drop another .75lbs at the next weigh-in but was still a hair over the limit. 

So, she took the last available option - chopping off her dreads. She posted the cut to Instagram, letting us know how much the locks weighed. 

“Today was fun,” she wrote. “We made weight and for those interested, 9 dreads weigh .25 pounds.”

I guess you can say she put her blood, sweat and hairs into the fight.

If she hadn’t cut the dread weight, it would have led to a record-breaking night for the UFC. With 4 other fighters not making weight for the card, another would have meant the most fighters not making weight ever.

MMA fans around the world voiced their support for Young’s dreadication in the Instagram comments.

“Professional,” one commenter wrote. “Rooting for you tomorrow.”

“Real fighting spirit!! Earned a fan in me!” said one more. 

“Hate to see that, but love the dedication. I didn’t cut my hair for a job in Japan, 30 years later I still haven’t been to Japan,” commented another. 

“Mad respect to you Shanna!! Rooting for you all the way from San Francisco,” yet another wrote.

Unfortunately for Young, AKA ‘The Shanimal’, she lost the fight to Maverick - a dreadful result for the dreadless fighter. 

The judges scored the fight 30 -26, 30 - 26 and 30 - 26 to Maverick, marking a unanimous loss for ‘The Shanimal’. 

Shanna’s record now sits at nine wins, six losses, and a lot less hair.