Unreal Guns N’ Roses  box set contains over sixty unreleased tracks and loads of unseen photos
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Unreal Guns N’ Roses box set contains over sixty unreleased tracks and loads of unseen photos

It's a 'Use Your Illusion' I & II boxset and we've got one to give away.

Legendary band Guns N’ Roses have released an absolutely massive box set to celebrate the albums ‘Use Your Illusion I’ and ‘Use Your Illusion II’ turning 21, and we’ve got one to give away. 

The 'Super Deluxe Box Set' (the one we have) contains an absolutely behemoth amount of GNR content (the box set comes out on November 11th):
- 97 tracks by the band - 63 of which are unreleased - across 12 LPs
- remastered (for the first time ever) editions of both ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums
- complete audio recordings of their ‘Live in New York’ and ‘Live in Las Vegas’ shows
- an HD blu-ray video of the ‘Live in New York’ show - filmed at Ritz Theatre in 1991
- an updated version of ‘November Rain’ which was recorded with a 50-piece orchestra
- a 100-page hardcover book unreleased photos, newsletters, seven photo prints of the band, a replica Ritz Theatre concert ticket, replica backstage passes, and brand new poster of the band

We weren't lying when we told you about the sheer amount of GNR content in the box set! 

If you’re keen to get your hands on that stuff and revel in all that is GNR, all you have to do is listen out at 9 am each weekday for your chance to score the box set for yourself.

GNR released both ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums on the same day - September 17, 1991 - shocking the world with the fact they dropped TWO full albums simultaneously. Both albums did extremely well, cementing the band’s place amongst rock and roll’s elite. ‘Use Your Illusion I’ hit the number two spot on the Billboard 200 chart, while ‘Use Your Illusion II’ reached the top spot. 

Songs like ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘November Rain’ and ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ all come from the two albums, and are absolute classics of the genre. 

The Rock is proud to be bringing GNR to NZ! Check out all the ticketing and event info here.