Kiwi bloke selling a Guns N’ Roses Tour Banner from their Welly show on TradeMe
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Kiwi bloke selling a Guns N’ Roses Tour Banner from their Welly show on TradeMe

Would really bring the living room together.
11 January 2023 3:03PM

Who doesn’t love a wacky, unique TradeMe listing,? We sure do - and this listing of a tour banner from Guns N’ Roses’ recent New Zealand tour certainly fits the bill. 

The ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses Tour Banner’ - as it’s officially called on the listing - comes from the band's concert at Wellington’s Sky Stadium in December of 2022.

It measures five metres long and one and a half metres tall with some wear and tear around the word ‘Guns’. Bloody worth it if you’re a GNR fan in my opinion.  

Imagine having that flying on a flag pole on top of your house or out front of your property. You could even chuck it up in the living room to bring the whole house together - the possibilities are truly endless. 

The band’s Wellington gig received incredible reviews, so having a piece of memorabilia from that would be quite the treat. 

Raynor, a staff member here at The Rock, was at the show and she loved it. 

“That was hands down my favourite gig I have ever been to,” she wrote (you can read her full review here). “I screamed, I headbanged, I cried, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the whole ten hours and three minutes.”

Kiwi fans loved what the band had to offer, and the band loved what us Kiwis had to offer - some bloody good food. 

After the band’s Auckland gig, Axl made a tweet thanking all the cities in Aussie and NZ that they visited and, most importantly, shouting out the iconic Auckland burger joint The White Lady. 

It turns out the band can’t get enough of the food truck’s burgers and got them to cater for their show at Eden Park. Not a bad choice from the GNR boys, not bad at all.